Raleigh, North Carolina Weekend Trip

Hey Pigsters! I’m back again with another fabulous blog post created by your truly! 🙂 This summer has been extremely hectic for me between working my normal job as a merchandiser, being a full time intern, and taking summer classes I haven’t had much of a summer. This past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit my friend who was having a baby shower and to also escape from our busy schedules.  We stayed at La Quinta Inn & Suites Raleigh Cary Hotel which had a nice pool and Jacuzzi, a comfortable suite, a great staff, and was worth the price for three nights. There wasn’t much to do in Raleigh, North Carolina as I hoped, but just to get away was enough vacation time for me.

Day 1. Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

My boyfriend and I first day in North Carolina was amazing! The weather was gorgeous and we decided to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art. I’m a fan of going to museums, and overall this was an okay museum to visit. I wish we were able to see more but, it was a little too hot outside and there were no tours available so I definitely believed we missed out on a few great attractions.  My favorite exhibits was visiting the African Exhibition and the Lilly ponds.  Also on the bright side this was a free museum to visit and enjoy great art!

As far as my outfit I wore a gorgeous tie-dye maxi dress from Olive-Ole that hugged my curves perfectly and featured a slit on the side which was my favorite part of the dress since I’m a fan of showing off some leg, hey! 🙂 Adding just a little embellishment and elegance I wore a dramatic gold body chain from Forever 21 that I’ve originally planned to wear over the dress, but it was a little to busy for the dress, so I decided to wear the body chain as a bib necklace by tucking the rest under my dress and what was left covered my whole neckline. (Remember Pigsters less is more) 🙂

Tye Dye 1Tye Dye 2Tye Dye 3Tye Dye 4Tye Dye 5Tye Dye 6Tye Dye 9Tye De 7Tye Dye 8Tye Dye 10

As you guys know I can’t leave my sistahs hanging! Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact link where you can purchase this maxi dress, however I was able to find a similar look! Also below are also a few additional photos of the North Carolina Museum of Art’s African Exhibition that I wanted to share with my Pigsters! 🙂

 Tie Dye Maxi Dress Similar (HERE)

 Gold Body Chain (HERE)

African 1African 2African 3African 4

Day 2. Long Floral Kimono with Embroidered Heels, and Short Floral Date Night Dress with Denim Heels 

The second day in North Carolina was the best day of the trip! My boyfriend and I went to attend an old friend of mines baby shower and later that day my boyfriend surprised with a romantic dinner at Vinnie’s Steak House and Tavern.

Long Floral Kimono with Embroidered Heels

The first outfit that I wore was to my friend’s baby shower. I wore a gorgeous floral blue kimono from Forever 21 that was only $22.90 and a caged black tank top shirt underneath that I tucked with some high waist pants from H&M from two years ago. I decided to be bold with my shoes by wearing floral embroidered platform heels from Charlotte Russe.

Kimono 4Kimono 5Kimono 6Kimono 3Kimono 1Kimono 2

Short Floral Date Night Dress with Denim Heels 

Later that night my boyfriend surprised me with a romantic dinner at Vinnie’s Steak House and Tavern. This restaurant was a little expensive, but the atmosphere, the food, and the amazing staff made it worth the price! 🙂 I ordered the New York Strip Petite steak which was 12 oz. and couldn’t even finish my meal with a side of homemade mash potatoes and broccoli that my boyfriend and I shared because it was great portion for both of us.

For my date night outfit I wore a short, floral, mesh dress that I brought a couple months back from Olive Ole on clearance for only $15 I believe. I paired my dress with cute drop earrings and denim cork heels from Charlotte Russe.

Dress 5Dress 2Dress 1Dress 3Dress 4

Teehee! Sorry I made y’all wait for the links for both of these amazing looks to be posted, but once again below are the links to where you can purchase these amazing pieces! 🙂 Unfortunately, since I brought my kimono (look 1) at the beginning of summer, the denim heel (look 2), and my date night dress (look 2) was on clearance at Olive Ole I was unable to locate these exact styles. 😦 Luckily I was able to locate a kimono similar to the one I was wearing, and there are plenty of going out dresses that are more fabulous and fashionable compared to my dress that will turn more heads! 🙂

Caged Tank Top (Here)

Floral Kimono Similar (Here)

Embroidered Heels Black (Here) 

Embroidered Heels Tan (Here)

Denim Cork Heels Similar (Here)

Day 3. Red Floral Off The Shoulder Dress from H&M

My last day in North Carolina was bitter sweet. I was excited to be returning back home and I definitely felt rejuvenated enough to be heading back to work, but I didn’t think my weekend would fly by as fast as i thought.  It was so hard to say good-bye to relaxing by the pool and Jacuzzi at the hotel, my long time friend, and an overall fantastic vacation with my boyfriend. ( I miss the vacation already, Teehee!)  Anyways my last outfit I wanted to dress in style as always. I wore a beautiful, causal, red, floral, off the shoulder body con dress from H&M that only cost me $9.99! (Super Steal) This dress was definitely a steal! The print was bold and red was even bolder. I loved how the dress was bright, but at the same time was casual and simple to wear. It didn’t take much to accessorize this dress, so all I wore was my cat eyed shaped shades from Charming Charlies and black sandals.

Red 3Red 2Red 1

Of course I can’t leave my Pigsters hanging! Sorry for the long blog post, but I wanted to keep all my sistahs posted with some fabulous looks hopefully giving you a few vacation fashion ideas! 🙂 Unfortunately, I was unable to locate this exact dress on H&M website, however they did offer one print that some of y’all might like. The only difference is price on the website the dress is priced at $14.99, but I’ve been to a few H&M in stores where I saw a whole bunch of these dresses in the floral red, black and zebra print for only $9.99. Hopefully the dress will restock online, but if not I suggest going to your local H&M! 🙂

Off the Shoulder Dress Zebra Print (Here) 


Today’s Look: Crop Wrap Top and Kaki Lyocell Pants

Hey Pigsters! Welcome back to another fabulous blog post, hey! 🙂 I haven’t posted much lately due to a busy schedule, but I will definitely be posting more fashions for this summer season, so I just wanted to say thank you all for being true supporters! 🙂

Today’s look was simplistically stylish and chic! I found these gorgeous lyocell pants at H&M for only $15. I’m so in love with these pants because they’re extremely casual, lightweight, and comfortable. I paired my pants with a throwback shirt from two years ago a white wrap crop top and cat shape shades from Charming Charlies!


Hey Boos! Now of course I can’t leave my sistahs hanging, so below are the following links where you can purchase these lyocell pants and cat eye sun shades. Unfortunately, the pants that I originally purchased at H&M in stores were at a different price compared to their online site which is a little bit more pricey so I will be posting a link to another style that’s similar at a better price! 🙂

Lyocell Pants (HERE)

Lyocell Pants Similar (HERE)

Cat Eye Sun Shades (HERE)

Forest Green Jumpsuit from Ross Dress for Less

Hey Pigsters, coming to all with another fabulous blog post created by yours truly! 🙂 Yesterday I went to walk the Pagoda Garden, a beautiful peaceful garden enriched with Chinese culture.  It was a beautiful day and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather by baring a little skin. One of my favorite places to shop is a at Ross Dress for Less because you can find amazing  name brand deals at inexpensive prices. In this blog post I wore a gorgeous, simplistic, strapless, forest green jumpsuit from Ross  that was only $8.99. (SCORE!)  I also paired my jumpsuit with  black mini gladiator heeled shoes by Steve Madden that were only $24.99 . (DOUBLE SCORE!) 🙂

Below are photos that were taken by my amazing boyfriend! (Teehee!) 🙂 Also I was getting over a little cold so sorry if I look a little congested in these pictures, but a little stuffy nose wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying weather, walking a gorgeous scenery, and looking FABULOUS! 🙂

Jumpsuit 5Jumpsuit 4Jumpsuit 2Jumpsuit 1Jumpsuit 6Jumpsuit 3

Hey pigsters! You know I can’t leave my sistahs hanging! 🙂 Unfortunately, Ross Dress for Less doesn’t have a web page were you can purchase this look however I was able to locate a jumpsuit that was similar to the one I’m wearing in the above photos.

Strapless Jumpsuit (HERE)




Today’s Look: Off the Shoulder Top with Denim Faux Suede Loafers

Hey Pigsters! Happy Spring! 🙂 Where I live I’m still experiencing a little winter weather, but for the most part the weather has been Springalicous! (Teehee! I made up that word) Anyways sorry for not posting in awhile. I’m learning that being a blogger takes a lot of time that you must spare, but this is something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m willing to spare time every chance I can get when I break away from school, work, and other activities.

So as you all know we have finally step into my second favorite season, Spring! Currently what’s been trending a lot for Spring is denim and anything that is off the shoulder. I kind of started my Spring wardrobe early, so I’m already tired of the off the shoulder trend because it’s everywhere! In order for me to buy an off the shoulder anything it definitely has to have a unique flare to it. My outfit for this blog post I decided to wear this unique off the shoulder top that flowed gracefully in the back and consisted of a peasant blouse sleeve which I loved. I paired my top with a lace up white capri pant and denim faux suede loafers from DSW. Not only is denim trending, but loafers are also popular this Spring as well as faux suede material. As far as accessories I wore a denim choker that I layered with a simple gold necklace with a nude cross-body purse and belt.

Please enjoy these images as they were taken by a good friend and photographer, Janice Agosto @jclaira. The images were taken in downtown Norfolk, Virginia by the pier. The photos came out fabulously so I’m showing more than I normally do in a blog post, teehee! 🙂


Flow Top 1Flow TopFlow Top 18Flow Top 4Flow Top 3Flow Top 5Flow Top 8Flow Top 9Flow Top 7Flow Top 11Flow Top 12Flow Top 2Flow Top 15Flow Top 16Flow Top 14

You all know I can’t leave my sistahs hanging. Below are the links to where you can purchase this fabulous look! 🙂

Off the Shoulder Top (Here)

Denim Choker (Here)

Denim Faux Suede Loafers (Here)

Today’s Look: My Favorite Winter Item Faux Fur Sweater Shawl

Hey Pigsters! Thank you all once again for the wonderful support! After I made my fourth blog post I’ve decided to make my blog public and in the first day I had over 100 views, woohoo! 🙂 I would also like to thank everyone who has looked at my page and has taken the time to give me wonderful feedback and critique about my overall site. I’m definitely open to opinions because it’ll ultimately make me stronger as a blogger, so don’t be scared to be honest with me if you have any suggestions! 🙂 For this blog post I had the opportunity to work with a talented local photographer, Ron Scanlon. I’m extremely proud and appreciative of how these photos have came out because it was definitely a goal of mines to take more professional pictures for my site! 🙂

My look for today is actually one of my favorite winter items which is a faux fur sweater shawl from Forever 21. I bought this shawl back in December as a Christmas gift to myself and I’ve just been obsessed! This sweater shawl is extremely thick and comfortable as it features a tribal like print with a combination of neutral color blocking tan, brown, and black. Around the shoulders of the shawl features a faux fur collar which in my opinion made this shawl extremely unique. Faux fur has been a popular trend that I’ve seen for this fall/winter seasons even though faux fur has never completely went out of style. One of the greatest features I do love about this sweater shawl is the fact that the the faux fur collar can be removable if you choose not to wear it with the shawl. In order to make dress this sweater shawl as fabulous as possible I decided to pair it with my charcoal wash denim skinny jeans  and open toed booties from DSW. I decided to also add a pop of color by wearing a velvet lavender choker.







Photographer: Ron Scanlon  @3irishlions

Of course I can’t leave my sisters hanging! Here are the links where you can purchase these fashions! 🙂  Unfortunately, the sweater shawl is no longer available for junior sizes I was only able to locate it in plus size, so  I’ve provided an additional link to a different styled sweater faux fur shawl that you’ll possibly like. 🙂

Forever 21 Faux Fur  Sweater Shawl  for Plus Size (HERE)

Forever 21 Faux Fur Sweater Shawl (HERE)

DSW Open-Toed Booties (HERE)

Today’s Look: Grey Choker Duster from Boohoo.com

Hey Pigsters and welcome back to my page, woohoo! I definitely want to thank all for the support! Blogging is absolutely harder than I expected, ugh! I have multiple outfits that I’ve taken pictures of that I will like to be featured on my blog page, but blogging is very time consuming between photo edits and writing posts it conflicts with my normal schedule. Luckily, I’m finding better ways to prioritize my time where blogging can fit into my daily schedule, to keep all updated on my FABULOUS looks, hey! 🙂

Today’s look features a grey choker duster that I’ve ordered from Boohoo.com. A few of my co-workers and friends have suggested to try out the site, so I did. Originally I had my eye on this specific duster since November of 2016 that was originally priced at $26.00 which I was uncomfortable spending on a site I’ve never shopped on before. Luckily after Christmas my duster dropped completely to $13.00 which I of course brought with no questions asked as well as a grey turtleneck dress that’ll I will also feature in my later posts. 🙂

Overall I love my choker duster, but when I first received my package from Boohoo.com I was a little upset with my order. Boohoo has a lot of nice clothes, but for quality that’s okay the shop is kind of expensive. For starters the original picture of this duster is misleading in color. The picture featured a dark grey duster, however when I received my duster the color seemed five shades lighter and the material wasn’t made of the best quality along with my turtleneck dress I’ve also ordered. Also my dress size is an 8 which I’ve ordered both my duster and dress in, however it was a little big on me, so note to self me personally I have to order a size down from this particular site. Keep in mind if you do decide to order from this site the shipment cost is a little of a “rip off” and on top of that I paid 5-6 days of shipping and didn’t get my order until 2 weeks afterwards.

Lastly, how I decided to wear this look was by keeping it simplistic with a black tank top tucked in with my black high waist jeans. It was a beautiful day outside so I decided to wear my mauve colored handbag I received as a Christmas gift from Charming Charlies and black flats which I recently brought from H&M for $15! 🙂


Teehee! Wow this is a pretty long blog post, but hope you guys enjoyed and of course I can’t leave my sistahs hanging!  Below is the following link to purchase this choker duster!

Grey Choker Duster (HERE)


Today’s Look: Maroon Jumpsuit Under $20

Hey Pigsters! Happy New Years, woohoo! So blessed to see another year and so ready to serve more fierce and fashionable looks, hey! 🙂 My outfit for today was actually a maroon jumpsuit that I brought from Forever 21 back in Fall for only $17.90. This is my first time wearing this jumpsuit and I’m in love with this look. I remember being a little hesitant purchasing this jumpsuit because it reminded me of a custodians uniform and I wasn’t a fan of the sleek texture as well as the gathered footing, but of course after trying my jumpsuit on I quickly had a change of perception.How I decided to wear my jumpsuit was by pairing it with a nude cardigan, black booties, and a bib necklace. I also decided to wear a white scarf because I love to double up my neck accessories and the white scarf definitely made this outfit look less dull. My bib necklace was inexpensively only $3 at H&M.


P.S. For some reason my pictures look extremely different on my laptop, however I looked at my blog post on my phone and the camera quality is much better! 🙂 Also I was unable to find this jumpsuit online, however don’t forget you can easily mimic this outfit especially in your own unique style! 🙂