Today’s Look: My Favorite Winter Item Faux Fur Sweater Shawl

Hey Pigsters! Thank you all once again for the wonderful support! After I made my fourth blog post I’ve decided to make my blog public and in the first day I had over 100 views, woohoo! 🙂 I would also like to thank everyone who has looked at my page and has taken the time to give me wonderful feedback and critique about my overall site. I’m definitely open to opinions because it’ll ultimately make me stronger as a blogger, so don’t be scared to be honest with me if you have any suggestions! 🙂 For this blog post I had the opportunity to work with a talented local photographer, Ron Scanlon. I’m extremely proud and appreciative of how these photos have came out because it was definitely a goal of mines to take more professional pictures for my site! 🙂

My look for today is actually one of my favorite winter items which is a faux fur sweater shawl from Forever 21. I bought this shawl back in December as a Christmas gift to myself and I’ve just been obsessed! This sweater shawl is extremely thick and comfortable as it features a tribal like print with a combination of neutral color blocking tan, brown, and black. Around the shoulders of the shawl features a faux fur collar which in my opinion made this shawl extremely unique. Faux fur has been a popular trend that I’ve seen for this fall/winter seasons even though faux fur has never completely went out of style. One of the greatest features I do love about this sweater shawl is the fact that the the faux fur collar can be removable if you choose not to wear it with the shawl. In order to make dress this sweater shawl as fabulous as possible I decided to pair it with my charcoal wash denim skinny jeans  and open toed booties from DSW. I decided to also add a pop of color by wearing a velvet lavender choker.







Photographer: Ron Scanlon  @3irishlions

Of course I can’t leave my sisters hanging! Here are the links where you can purchase these fashions! 🙂  Unfortunately, the sweater shawl is no longer available for junior sizes I was only able to locate it in plus size, so  I’ve provided an additional link to a different styled sweater faux fur shawl that you’ll possibly like. 🙂

Forever 21 Faux Fur  Sweater Shawl  for Plus Size (HERE)

Forever 21 Faux Fur Sweater Shawl (HERE)

DSW Open-Toed Booties (HERE)


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