Today’s Look: Grey Choker Duster from

Hey Pigsters and welcome back to my page, woohoo! I definitely want to thank all for the support! Blogging is absolutely harder than I expected, ugh! I have multiple outfits that I’ve taken pictures of that I will like to be featured on my blog page, but blogging is very time consuming between photo edits and writing posts it conflicts with my normal schedule. Luckily, I’m finding better ways to prioritize my time where blogging can fit into my daily schedule, to keep all updated on my FABULOUS looks, hey! πŸ™‚

Today’s look features a grey choker duster that I’ve ordered from A few of my co-workers and friends have suggested to try out the site, so I did. Originally I had my eye on this specific duster since NovemberΒ of 2016 that was originally priced at $26.00 which I was uncomfortable spending on a site I’ve never shopped on before. Luckily after Christmas my duster dropped completely to $13.00 which I of course brought with no questions asked as well as a grey turtleneck dress that’ll I will also feature in my later posts. πŸ™‚

Overall I love my choker duster, but when I first received my package from I was a little upset with my order. Boohoo has a lot of nice clothes, but for quality that’s okay the shop is kind of expensive. For starters the original picture of this duster is misleading in color. The picture featured a dark grey duster, however when I received my duster the color seemedΒ five shades lighter and the material wasn’t made of the best quality along with my turtleneck dress I’ve also ordered. Also my dress size is an 8 which I’ve ordered both my duster and dress in, however it was a little big on me, so note to self me personally I have to order a size down from this particular site. Keep in mind if you do decide to order from this site the shipment cost is a little of a “rip off” and on top of that I paid 5-6 days of shipping and didn’t get my order until 2 weeks afterwards.

Lastly, how I decided to wear this look was by keeping it simplistic with a black tank top tucked in with my black high waist jeans. It was a beautiful day outside so I decided to wear my mauve colored handbag I received as a Christmas gift from Charming Charlies and black flats which I recently brought from H&M for $15! πŸ™‚


Teehee! Wow this is a pretty long blog post, but hope you guys enjoyed and of course I can’t leave my sistahs hanging! Β Below is the following link to purchase this choker duster!

Grey Choker Duster (HERE)



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